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Short/Sharp: Parramatta Places Visited

Some of the places:

  1. San Churos - Parramatta - A nice place for chocaholics. Great for dessert or just coffee and a chocolate after a nearby meal. If you like Churos then you'll like this place - delicious dippers in melted chocolate!
    Chocolateria San Churro on Urbanspoon
  2. Toscani's Cafe Bar & Restaurant - Parramatta - It's a big split level place with lots of seating and an outdoor area that looks out towards the railway line. We dropped in for breakfast, somewhat attracted by the breakfast deal they were advertising - $9.00 for eggs, bacon, tomato and toast. Mlady wanted something healtier though and sadly they don't have anything remotely fitting this description for breakfasts. No meusli, no fruit salad, no healthy starters. We ended up just grabbing coffee's - which were decent - and leaving to try to find a better option.
     Toscani's Cafe Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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