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Short/Sharp: Melbourne City Places Visited

Some of the places:

Nieuw Amsterdam - 106 Hardware St Melbourne CBD - This restaurant and bar is down near Hardware Societe and has some interesting food and drinks on offer. We called in for pre-dinner drinks and a nibble before heading off to our booking elsewhere and it was very pleasant. Mlady had a lovely rose and they actually got us to taste it first to see if it was something that she liked. Sir had a rum straight - it had been a busy day after all! We also grabbed a serving of sardines and toasted fingers which were very tasty and very good value as well. We were downstairs in the bar - the restaurant is upstairs and we'd certainly like to give it a go next time we're in town.
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Piccolo Espresso - 20 Convention Centre Place South Wharf - Cosy take away place inside the DFO at South Wharf that sells coffee and plenty of cakes and macarons. We grabbed four macarons and some coffee's after a busy session of shopping - especially by Mlady. The macarons are quite big compared to many but still quite tasty as well. The coffee was good.
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Chez Dre - 285 Coventry St South Melbourne - This place is a little hard to find as it's down an alley. It does have signage but it's not over the top so pay attention. It's a gem. Once you enter you realise that it's deceptively big stretching out quite a way and also having an outside area at the rear. The food is great. Mlady had toasted sourdough with rhubarb, strawberry and passionfruit jam. The toast was good, the jam was great and it also came with Pepe Sayer butter. Sir had salmon rillettes which came with beetroot relish, caperberries, poached eggs, beetroot crisps all on toasted sourdough. This was a killer breakfast - so tasty and so memorable! A couple of nice coffees made it all even better.
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+39 Pizzeria - 362 Little Bourke St Melbourne CBD - This is a busy place - especially on a Friday or Saturday evening. We managed to snag a table at short notice and were seated down the back. We had some tasty olives to nibble for starters while we decided on our next courses. Mlady had the special tri-colour penne which was actually tri-colour topping on one colour penne. It has fresh tomatoes, fior di latte boconcini and basil leaves. Sir had pappardelle al porcini which was pasta with porcini mushrooms, parsley, white wine, butter and parmesan and a touch of truffle oil. A couple of glasses of sangiovese went perfectly. The food was excellent in good quantities and the service was fast and friendly. The place was busy but that's what happens when you are popular.
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Creperie Le Triskel - 32 Hardware Lane Melbourne CBD - Who doesn't love a good creperie? This place is great. It's so popular and so small - probably a challenging combination - but they manage well. Mlady had a baguette - which was massive. Sir had a galette which again was massive and so tasty. Prices are extremely reasonable so you pay very little to eat a lot here - and it's excellent quality as well.
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Brother Baba Budan - 359 Little Collins St Melbourne CBD - The thing you notice straight away at Brother Baba Budan is all the chairs hanging from the ceiling. There are literally 50 or more - which covers the whol;e ceiling as it's a small place. They may serve some food - we're not sure - but they do serve coffee and lots of it. Most is take away but there is a shared table at the front and a bench down the side. Surprise surprise we had coffee - and it was good. Strong - yes - but tasty. Service was quick and very friendly. So all good!
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Bar Nacional - 727 Collins St Melbourne - Visited Bar Nacional with a group from work. I was certainly curious to see what this Pete Evan co-owned place was like. We had a set menu which turned out to be great. We received a series of starters, then we had to each order a main course to share and a dessert to also share. We ended up eating our mains and desserts separately rather than sharing. I had a lovely pork belly as a main and a great crema Catalan for dessert. I thought the food was excellent and they have a decent wine list as well. I'd certainly go back again.
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Philhellene - 551 Mt Alexander Rd Moonee Ponds - Went here for a group function recently - and it was a big function so it was a full house there in fact. They handled it all very well and the food was great. There was plenty of it too and it just kept arriving. Very impressed with the quality and the quantity - and the prices were very reasonable as well.
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The Grain Store - 517 Flinders Lane - Staying nearby and looking for a good breakfast place eventually lead me to The Grain Store. Mlady had been encouraging me to eat a bit healthier so I ordered the Toasted Granola Parfait which came with apple compote, kiwi salsa, mandarin, chia seed yoghurt and quinoa milk. It was impressive - tasting and looking great. A more than decent coffee topped off a lovely breakfast just perfectly.
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Shanghai Street Dumpling - 342 Little Bourke St - Dropped in late one evening for a quick bite while in the city. The pork and prawn wonton in chilli oil with peanut and sesame butter sauce caught my eye. It was a large serving that came in 15 pieces and it was delicious (and so cheap as well). A side of homemade golden sesame seeded bacon and spring onion cakes was also substantial and tasty. The place isn't fancy but service is fast and the food is great.
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Rockpool Bar and Grill - Southbank - Crown Casino - Popped in one evening for a quick drink and meal. The bar menu is quite interesting but the "famous" burger was something that's been on my wish list for a while. It's described as David Blackmore’s full blood Wagyu hamburger with bacon, gruyere cheese and zuni pickle. I was asked if medium was fine for the beef as that's the usual way it comes. This certainly suited me. For $24.00 I was expecting a pretty impressive burger - and it was! The meat was tender and juicy and the rest was delicious. It's not a burger that's overloaded. In fact it's fairly simple but what is there is quality. I loved it. I also added a serving of their onion rings with house-made ketchup for an extra $9.00 and a lovely red or two and the meal was complete. It was a decent sized serving too. Service was excellent as you would expect here. I'm certainly planning a return trip!

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Gills Diner - rear of 360 Little Collins St, Melbourne CBD - Down a laneway and into a semi industrial looking space you will find the charming and awarded Gills Diner. It has a retro workshop feel to it with yellowed tiles on the walls and exposed ducting above. The well spaced tables have a workbench feel to them. For our group of seven we started with the Gills charcuterie selection which turned out to be impressive and extremely tasty.  We also shared a selection of antipasti as well. Mains were ordered individually. My choice, and the choice of several others in our group, was spaghetti marinara which came with fresh seafood, chilli, parsley and oil. It was certainly a good marinara. The next most popular main was the special of the day - duck confit. I was lucky enough to taste it and it was beautifully cooked. Gills Diner has repeatedly been awarded one star and the food here certainly was very good. The service was also excellent and the ambiance is very unique and interesting.

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The Lui Bar - Rialto Tower - Melbourne CBD - Wow. If you've been here (or to Vue de Monde) you'll know that this view from 55 floors up is magnificent. You need to ask downstairs to get the lift up here and then they send you up (as the lift doesn't have a button for level 55). Then a short stroll down a dimly lit corridor takes you into The Lui Bar with it's magical views out over Melbourne. The drinks aren't cheap but the quality and variety is great and the views just keep mesmerising everyone. We dropped by after dinner for a night cap of Pedro Ximinez and felt like we on top of the world. If you haven't experienced this place yet - it's certainly worth trying!

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MoVida Aqui - Melbourne CBD - It's a little bit hard to find this surprisingly spacious restaurant - but it's well worth looking for. Having already sampled the delicacies of both MoVida and MoVida Next Door I was keen to continue the MoVida journey and to also see what may be new at this particular venue. MoVida Aqui is a long narrowish restaurant that is on the first floor of the NAB building at 500 Bourke St. It is predominantly an indoor venue although there is a smallish outdoor area. The menu, as with the rest of the MoVida group, is set out with cuca conservas (or tinned stuff), embutidos, tapas and raciones (or larger plates). I was in a group of four and we started with mejillones rias gallegas - tinned mussels in a tangy red sauce with sourdough. They were very tasty and we devoured them. Next was bocadillo de calamares - individual calamari sandwiches with Basque guindilla and mayonnaise. These were amazing and possibly my favourite dish of the night. Then we had costilla de cordero-  lamb cutlets with pork and paprika pate. The meat was extremely tender but so rare that a few in our group felt they were undercooked. Nice flavours though and another good dish. The carrillera de buey - slowly braised beef cheek in Pedro Ximenez on cauliflower puree - was extremely tender and almost dissolved. The flavours were also rich and distinct. We had a pulpo (octopus) dish as well as a pork dish. We finished by sharing two servings of churros - or Spanish doughnuts that came with a rich drinking chocolate mixture that we all agreed wasn't that good which was a pity. MoVida Aqui was a great dining experience.

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Izakaya Den - Melbourne CBD - This is a hard to find place. It's not brilliantly signposted and it's down a flight of stairs (as you'd expect from a den) and through a curtained doorway. You may perhaps pause to make sure you're going in the right doorway! It's a long narrow room with some lounge chairs along the right hand wall and then tables the rest of the way. There's a long bar/servery along the left wall that you can also sit at to eat. I was in town late and after a quick meal so I started with a glass of merlot (from quite a decent wine list) and the den fried chicken ($11.00) followed by grilled duck breast with pomegranate soy ($19.00). The chicken was amazing - so tender inside and nice and crisp on the outside. The sauce was nice and tangy as well and it was a generous serving for the price. The duck breast was delicately done with thin slices topped with slivers of baby corn and scattered pomegranate seeds surrounding it. Izakaya Den is popular. The food is great and the service matched this. It's a pleasant place. Even though it's hard to find - it's worth looking for Izakaya Den.

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Akachochin - South Wharf - Interesting place with a long bench down one side to sit at and watch the food being expertly prepared or tables down the rest of the place. The food is extremely fresh here. I started with the Shake - Salmon at $7.00 for two pieces. It was beautiful and I got to see it being prepared right in front of me. Then I had the yasai ohitashi - seasonal marinated vegetables in dashi stock for $8.00 which were also extremely tasty. Finally I had the ebi and pumpkin harumaki spring roll that was filled with prawn, blue cheese and pumpkin then deep-fried and topped with ao-nori. At $13.00 it was decent value for a very tasty dish. Throw in a Sapporo beer to wash it all down and it's a nice light meal.

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  1. De Mad Hatter - Docklands - This is a busy place at the bottom of Collins St that seems to attract a large coffee crowd but also plenty of people grabbing food as well. They have a wide range of food available ranging from plenty of cakes, slices and muffins through to some very tasty looking salads in the front counter. Service is fast and friendly. Only had coffee this time but will certsinly try the food another time as it looked appealing.
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  2. Lorca - Centre Place Melbourne - If you've ever seen Diagon Alley from one of the Harry Potter films and wanted the same atmosphere - go here. Lovely bustling place - we had a delicious brunch. The scrambled eggs were great and they have good coffee too. Plenty of very interesting food options at this charming place - sit at the bench on a stool and look out over the laneway at life and people rushing by.
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  4. The Pumphouse Hotel - Fitzroy - Nice food here for a hotel and pleasant surroundings as well. The relatives who recommended this (and joined us) were right on the money here. The food was tasty, the servings were a good size and the dessert menu tempted us and won.
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  5. Pasta Rustica Ristorante - Lygon St Melbourne - We had a great meal here. The service was good, the food was tasty and plentiful. We were seated promptly and it was pleasant eating al fresco on a balmy evening. Most people seemed to eat outside - and why not. We both had pasta dishes - huge servings. We'd go back here again.

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  6. La Spaghetteria Ristorante - Lygon St Melbourne - Another bustling Lygon Street Italian restaurant. Decent food - eat outside if its a nice evening. We had dessert here and it was nice - but the service was quite slow.
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  7. Il Dolce Freddo - Lygon St Melbourne - Tasty gelato in a lovely food area. Have a nice dinner nearby and wander here for a sweet finish. There are plenty of different varieties to choose from - try a few - we did!
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  8. Longrain - Little Bourke St - This is a nice place, but it's mostly shared tables. I'm not a huge fan of this syle of eating but at least the tables here are big - which helps. The food is certainly good. A colleague and I had mains and rice - all very nice. Its not cheap - in fact its reasonably pricey - but it is well prepared and has great flavours.
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  9. Lok Lok Dumpling Bar - Melbourne (near Queen Victoria Markets) - We were browsing through the markets and got a bit peckish. Lok Lok was close by and so the four of us grabbed a bite. The food was pretty good actually, despite mixed reports on this place. You certainly cant fault the serving sizes - they are huge and we couldn't finish all our food. In facft three dishes for four of us would have been sufficient. It's not a big place and the service was generally pretty good although a bit hit and miss at times. If you're close and hungry it's a decent option.
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  10. Bohemian Bar and Restaurant - South Wharf - This is a pretty cool place. Dropped in for a drink only this time but will be back next time to try the food which looked interesting with a strong Spanish influence and plenty of smaller and larger dishes to choose from.
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  11. Cafenatics - Docklands - Dropped in here for a quick coffee and had a look around at the same time. There's plenty of food options as well from cakes and muffins through to wraps and rolls. The coffee was really good as well and the queue there was a good sign that others thought the same thing!
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