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Thursday, 8 October 2015


271-279 Elizabeth St
Sydney CBD

We were in the city one night and seeking a nice Italian restaurant for a simple meal. We also wanted to try somewhere new too - or new to us at least.

We did a bit of simple research and spotted Mazzaro. An added bonus was that it wasn't far away from where we were either. Win win.

We weren't after a bit meal and decided to only have main courses - and perhaps dessert afterwards if we still had the urge. However, we spotted the tomato and basil bruschetta on the menu and decided to share a serving. It's such a simple starter, and done well it commenced a dining experience so nicely. This was done very well - and we loved it. It was simple, fresh, tasty and a good sized serving. We were glad we shared. A glass of red each and we were off to a great start for the night!

Unusually, we both decided to have pasta dishes for our main courses. This doesn't happen that often - must have been the weather. Sir had the saffron angel hair pasta that came with prawns, smoked salmon, spinach and a bit of chilli. He added extra chilli and loved it. It was a simple combination of good ingredients done very well - the hallmarks of a really good dish. Mlady had the seafood ravioli served with scallops, basil and a cream brandy sauce. It looked, smelled and tasted delicious. The sauce was rich but not overpowering or too heavy.

Dessert was a debate as there were several good choices and we had again decided to share, courtesy of still being a bit full from a late lunch.

As is often the case at Italian restaurants, we headed straight for the tiramisu. This was a real winner, as evidenced by Mlady eating most of it!
The layers of moist savoiardi biscuit interspersed with the mascarpone were deliciously light and tasty.

We were impressed with Mazzaro. They've been around quite a while and this was only our first visit. It's a place we could easily and willingly go back to for a course or two or even a full end to end dining experience.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Johnny's Window
5A/1 Kings Cross Rd
Darlinghurst, Sydney

Its no secret that we love Johnny’s window. We love it for its great location, fantastic food and of course the great personal service that just makes all the difference.

The motto here is ‘Enter as strangers and leave as friends and they mean it. Owner Johnny Karakitsos knows all his customers by name and is sure to shake your hand as he serves you your coffee.

We were very excited about visiting Johnny’s Window again and this time it was to try a few things from Johnny’s new (yet to be released) menu.

Another thing we love about Johnny’s window – interesting updates to their menu on a regular basis. We arrived on a sunny afternoon and as every other time we ordered a couple of coffees while we studied the menu.

The counts usually order a long black and a macchiato but Johnny recommended an almond milk Latte for Count N this time! Count N, who’s previous experiences with almond milk haven’t been the best, reluctantly agreed. Well, this almond milk latte was fantastic! Really creamy and full of flavour without being too nutty. The Secret? Well according to Johnny, it’s the temperature of the almond milk. Make it too hot and the almond milk will burn and taste oily but keep it under 55 degrees and the almond milk retains its flavour. Great tip!

We started with a beautiful chicken Caesar wrap served with a couscous salad. The wrap was fresh, generously filled with succulent chicken pieces and lots of crispy bacon. A surprising but welcome addition was the spinach, adding lots of texture. No soggy lettuce leaves here. We also loved the freshly grated Parmesan cheese sprinkled everywhere through the wrap. It really added vintage bite.

The side salad was just as delicious. The cous cous was really fluffy and was mixed with chorizo and chickpeas. The dressing was a red wine vinaigrette, a classic dressing, but this one was made with paprika and cumin which added a real spicy touch to it. We couldn’t get enough of it.

One thing we remember about this place is how well they do breakfast!

So we ordered the gooey eggs with toast soldiers as we hadn’t tried them here before.

This dish brought us back to our childhood. We loved cracking the eggs and dipping our toast into the gooey yolk just like at home with mum when we were kids.

Next we had the privilege of trying one of Johnny's new creations, a fresh addition to their menu. This smashed avocado with soft boiled egg was bursting with flavour and freshness. The avocado, mixed with feta and mint was creamy and full of flavour. The pesto toasted bread was the perfect base for the avocado mix and together with the egg created  a synergy of flavours that exploded in your mouth. We'd highly recommend this dish!

Last time we visited Johnny’s window, We fell in love with the chia pudding so yes, you guessed it, we ordered it again (along with a couple of Tella Balls for a sweet finish).

We love this chia pudding so much we can talk about it for hours - it's that good. This pudding is a high protein meal making it an excellent choice for a post workout snack. Johnny continues to make this healthy meal the same way he always has, blending the chia seeds with almond milk, coconut and blueberries the night before then adding the yoghurt fresh the following day, creating a creamy smooth pudding. Its heaven in a mason jar!

We also enjoyed the Tella Balls which these days are just as famous as pop stars. We tried a traditional Nutella one a caramel one. Both were fresh and sweet.

The counts had such a great experience at Johnny’s window again. We loved their new menu items, especially the smashed avocado and Count N hasn’t stopped talking about the chia pudding. We definitely will be back, there were other items on the menu we would like to try. Johnny's window is open 6 days a week for breakfast and lunch making it a perfect choice for your next meal.

The Counts, who review for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of Johnny's Window. Big thanks to it's owner - Johnny Karakitsos.

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Thai Spice Restaurant
14/216 Farnham Rd
Quakers Hill, Sydney

Mlady and her gym besties A & K went to one of their favourite Thai restaurants for one of their girlie catch-ups.

Thai Spice Restaurant is situated in the Farnham Road shopping centre at Quakers Hill.

The atmosphere is always relaxed and the service is friendly. The decor is authentic with some really gorgeous statues and is also beautifully decorated with flowers.

Inside is quite spacious. Tables are set apart with ample room.

For entrée we had Thai style fish cakes made from minced fish mixed with Thai herbs and spices and served with sweet  chilli sauce. This for me - personally is a really lovely dish. It certainly has "bite" and goes oh so well with the sweet chilli sauce. We generally order this entrée every time and it has never let us down.

Our next entrée were the Spring Rolls. These consisted of vegetables and vermicelli wrapped in crispy pastry served with sweet chilli sauce. Again - loving the sweet chilli sauce the Spring rolls were nice and crispy, as a good spring roll should be. Sweet chilli is such a versatile sauce that complements so many dishes.

We each ordered a dish to share between us. K chose the Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables. Now, we know that vegetables can be bland - but that was not the case with this dish. Not sure what the sauce was - but this dish tasted great. There was a good variety of vegetables and it was truly colourful. With the mixed greens, capsicum and baby corn, plus a very tasty sauce, this made for a dish that we devoured.

There was a "specials board" and this caught the eye of A. She saw the entrée - Salt 'n' Pepper squid and ordered this as a main.
The wonderful  sweet chilli sauce accompanied this dish. The Salt 'n' Pepper squid was tender and was encased in a batter that was nice and crispy. This was quite a popular dish with us.

Mlady ordered the Pad Thai. This had special Thai noodles with chicken, tofu, egg and bean sprout and crushed peanuts. This dish is pretty much a stable with Mlady and both A & K enjoyed this dish. It really is a hearty and flavoursome dish with wonderful textures and combinations - love tofu - that all go very well together. We also ordered some steamed rice which was beautifully fluffy and was served in an attractive silver container.

The food at Thai Spice is really good and is very reasonably priced. The servings too are generous and their is a good variety to choose from. You can choose from the menu and/or from the Specials board.

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