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Saturday, 28 November 2015


Sweet Belem
35B New Canterbury Rd
Petersham, Sydney

The décor here is reminiscent of what you would find in Portugal. The lovely pictures on the wall depicting different scenes including one of Tram 28 that is famous in Lisbon. The tiled walls inside and the so very cute tiled blue tables add to the atmosphere. There glass displays are so inviting and you can choose from many delicious options that include salted caramel donuts filled with that wondrous custard. Nutella tarts are also an option here.

Sweet Belem Cake Boutique serves Portuguese tarts that are renowned in Sydney for being the best. Having tried them – we can clearly see why! Earlier this year we visited Lisbon Portugal and were very fortunate to try the Portuguese tarts from Pasteis de Belem. Boy oh Boy these ones at Sweet Belem were simply AMAZING too!!!

The Portuguese tarts from Sweet Belem Cake Boutique are as good as those from Pasteis de Belem in Lisbon Portugal. The pastry is crispy and flaky. The yummy inside is creamy and delicious and they're slightly browned on top – just right. The dusting of cinnamon completes it. They truly are mouth-watering and so very light – that you can eat a couple in one sitting. The Portuguese tarts are all handcrafted and are made with pride and passion.

Not only can you enjoy a Portuguese tart but you can also enjoy many other delectable treats.

We tried the waterbread which was so soft and moist  on the inside with a nice crunchy top – although not too crunchy - which gave it a good balance. Some breads can be quite crunchy which can be a bit hard on the teeth – this was not the case here.
We also tried a chocoholic’s dream which was absolutely lovely. It had a gooey type centre with an amazing chocolate top that simply gave it fudge like type of sensation when you ate it. This was pure decadence. Next we tried a baked chocolate tart. Now this really was sensational. The crispness of the top as you bit into it revealing the luxurious velvety centre. The two different textures complimented one another so well. It is not a heavy tart which is what you don’t want and this tart was also a chocoholic’s dream. This place truly is pure heaven.

Also the coffee here is good. Mlady’s half strength Soy cappuccino and Sir’s skim flat white went down a treat with these fabulous treats.

We would like to say a special thank you to Chef Jose Silva for taking time out from his busy schedule to sit and talk to us about the wonderful history of Sweet Belem Cake Boutique, for showing and explaining how these amazing Portuguese tarts are created and for also sharing with us his next vision.

We thought we'd leave you with some pictures of just a few of the delicious treats available at Sweet Belem.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Sweet Belem.

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Taste of Malaya
Castle Towers Shopping Centre - The Piazza
6-14 Castle Pl
Castle Hill, Sydney

The Piazza at Castle Towers has always been a popular food destination over the years - and this is still just as much the case today.

It's bustling and busy with some dining there before hitting the movies next door while others just settle in there for the night.

Taste of Malaya, like many of the other places in this precinct, is a longish restaurant. It has a lovely outdoor area for al fresco dining under cover as well as a larger indoor area stretching back from the Piazza.

We started with the roti - as we often do when eating Malaysian.

It was a thinner roti than we've normally had, but still with the complexity of many layers and it tasted lovely.

A few glasses of the house red - a very affordable Merlot - capped of a great start to the meal.

Red and roti is such a great combination at any time.

We've had plenty of mee goreng in our time - and it's still a favourite - but when we saw Duck Meat Malaysian Style Mee Goreng on the menu it was an instant choice. There was plenty of duck in this dish. It was a rich and quite tangy meal with a thickish tomato paste around thick noodles and interspersed with plenty of fresh chilli. We both agreed that this was one of our favourite dishes of the night.

Then it was on to another old favourite - beef rendang.

The beef in this dish was slow cooked and so tender it practically melted in our mouths.

The gravy, or curry, was nicely fragrant and rich, as it should be, and we even ladled it on our rice after the meat was gone.

Our final main course was a much lighter dish. It was Kapitan King Prawns.

These lightly battered King Prawns were big and juicy.

The sauce they were resting in was a mix of coconut, curry and lemon juice.

It was a mild sauce with fragrant flavour that didn't overpower the prawn meat. We loved this dish and would eagerly have it again - and again!

Taste of Malaya offers an interesting range of both Malaysian and Chinese dishes in a pleasant setting. The food tastes great and arrives quickly in good sized servings. Service is fast and friendly. It's an affordable place to go for a good meal.

Sir and Mlady's visit to Taste of Malaya was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

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Saute Thai Restaurant
18 Phillip St,
Parramatta, Sydney

Mlady and her friend Madame C decided to have a nice lunch. So we went to Saute Thai in Parramatta. The décor inside is nicely themed with lovely wooden floor boards.

It's stylish with red comfortable lounge type seating against the walls whilst other chairs are richly covered in a red and gold fabric. The kitchen is open and you can see how your very tasty and fragrant meals are created.

We arrived at noon and chose to sit outside which is still under cover, as it was a nice day. It did not take long for the chairs to become occupied. This place is popular!

It was relaxing sitting watching the business of Parramatta whilst we both sipped on cool and refreshing lemon, lime and bitters. Mlady thought that this made a nice change from her usual red wine and she was right. The menu is very diverse and there was so much to choose from but Mlady and Madame C chose to share a main as well as ordering an entrée.

As an entrée we chose the Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings. They were described in the menu as made up of  "water chestnuts and a vegetarian mixture wrapped in wanton pastry and steamed to perfection. Served with a mixture of chopped chillies, sweet soy sauce and brown vinegar". When they arrived they were show cased in a black slate type tray with the sauce in a separate dish. These really were very tasty. They were so fresh and full of the wonderful fillings and they certainly were "steamed to perfection".

We ordered a small steamed rice to accompany our shared main which was Penang Curry and we chose to have this with beef. The menu stated that this was "red curry flavoured with fresh red chilli paste and paprika, tossed with fresh red chilli, basil leaves and coconut milk". How good was this! The beef was nicely cooked as were the accompanying vegetables in the dish and we both loved the sauce. We soaked up as much of this oh so nice sauce with the rice.

The quality of the food here is good and the service is both friendly and helpful. It's a great place to sit with a friend, a few friends or socialise in a group.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Cafe Oratnek
4 Pitt St
Redfern, Sydney

A beautiful old terrace house in the middle of Redfern is the setting for this lovely eatery we visited for lunch. It has a leafy outdoor seating area with lavender-fringed gardens stocked with fresh herbs.

It was a beautiful day and although very new, the place was full of people. Inside, the décor was rustic and charming with rough cement walls and simple wooden tables.

We were greeted by the General Manager Daryl Russell, who showed us to our table and explained the dishes on the menu. The selection was very interesting and Japanese influenced, with some hot dishes, salads and “sandwiches” which were more substantial than you might expect.

Oratnek’s head chef Kenny Takayama is a former head chef of Bill’s at Darlinghurst , so we were eager to test the water here at his very own place.

The katsu pork fillet sandwich was a popular choice.

However, we decided on the Japanese fried chicken with house kimuchi and mayo. Who doesn't like fried chicken!

It was in fact a soft roll stuffed with delicious crispy chicken and the kimuchi  (a pickled cabbage slaw) was a very tasty addition.

To drink, Dame K ordered the homemade ginger beer with rhubarb and Dame M had the homemade lemonade. They were really fresh and not too sweet.

We both liked the look and sound of the spicy pork-stuffed chicken wings so we eagerly ordered these.

The lovely golden wings arrived served with crispy chips and a tangy and rich chunky chilli jam dipping sauce. 

The wings were wonderful and the unique pork filling was so moist and very tasty. 

As well as all these goodies we also had the miso bbq boneless beef short rib san choy bow.

The beef rib meat was so tender and deliciously marinated and it just fell apart as we scooped it on to the lettuce cups with piles of fresh salad and coriander dip.

It was a pleasure getting our hands dirty as we tucked into these!

 A few serviettes later we were ready for something sweet.

The use of green tea (matcha) has been gaining popularity in the dining scene and it was a feature of the desserts on offer here.

We chose a matcha lamington and a matcha cream puff to go with a good coffee and a pot of tea.

Both desserts were impressive. The lamington cake was very soft and moist inside and the cream puff was made with a choux style pastry and homemade sweet matcha filling. Light and delicious!

Café Oratnek is open every day for breakfast and lunch. Its not surprising this place is so popular even though it’s not in a high traffic area. Patrons obviously know about it and seek it out. These Dames are planning to go back to sample the lovely brekky menu in the near future.

Those Dames, who review for Sir and Mlady Dine Out, dined as guests of Cafe Oratnek.  Big thanks to both Daryl and Kenny for their hospitality.

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